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For every $500 you spend on full price items in 6 months, we'll give you a $30 voucher to say thanks!

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What is Locals?
Locals is our loyalty scheme, which gives us a way to reward our rad customers (that's you, FYI). You can sign on and rack up points for your account online, or at any North Beach store.
What are the benefits of being Local?
Locals Rewards – Spend Dollars, Get Dollars

Spend $500 on full price product in 6 months and you'll get a sweet $30 voucher in return.

Extended Returns Period

Locals have 45 days to return items for an exchange, credit or refund. That's 15 days longer than regular folks, which gives you more time to make up your mind.

Early Access to sales, products and offers

Locals get early access to promotions, products and offers. Just between us, you'll also be eligible for certain special discounts on an as and when basis.

Invites to events, parties and VIP nights

We know you like to be in the know, so know this - our Locals get exclusive invites to events hosted by North Beach or in partnership with our brands.

Birthday Gift

Tell us your birthday, and we’ll send you a little something to make your day that little bit sweeter!

How do I use my Birthday Voucher?
If you're a Local, you'll receive a sweet one-off $20 voucher to help you celebrate being a year older! We'll email you the code on your birthday, and you'll have two weeks to use it.

These vouchers are currently an online exclusive.

How do I use it?

Easy! Just apply the discount code at checkout when shopping online. Make sure you do this before you place your order, as the discount cannot be applied after purchase has been made.

This is a single use voucher, which means it can't be split over multiple transactions - you'll have to treat yourself all in one go!

My code isn't working...

Check if you're using it for a valid purchase. Locals Birthday Vouchers can't be used with any other offer, or on final clearance items.

It's my birthday, but I haven't got a code!

Try your junk/spam folders first - our emails may be filtered out from your main inbox by mistake.

Still confused? Contact us!
Where can I redeem my $30 Locals voucher?
The short answer? Anywhere!

When shopping online, simply log into your account and proceed to checkout – your vouchers will be ready and waiting for you there.

Alternatively, our friendly staff can help you use your voucher in-store.
What are the terms & conditions?
We've got a full list of Terms and Conditions here, but we've listed the key points below:

Local Vouchers

You earn a voucher by spending $500 on full price items within 6 months.

Local vouchers will expire after 3 months if not redeemed.

You can combine multiple vouchers to use at once, e.g. if you spend $1000 on full price within 6 months, you will have a $60 voucher which you can choose to use whenever you want.

Regular Locals vouchers will carry over – e.g if you want to only spend $20 of your voucher, you will have a $10 balance remaining on your account.

Birthday Codes

A Birthday code will give you $20 off your next North Beach purchase.

Birthday codes expire 2 weeks after they're issued. They're single use vouchers, so you'll need to use it all in one go - they won't carry over like Local vouchers.

Not valid with any other offer (including Locals $30 Vouchers or any other discount code).

I need to return something, what happens to my voucher?

If you redeem your $30 voucher, and then exchange it for another item, the $30 will be taken off the item you are swapping for.


If you redeem your $30 voucher, and then return the item for a refund, the $30 voucher will be loaded back onto your account. You will lose any points that were earned from the item you are returning.

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